What if I Don't Have Pay Stubs?

What if I’m moving there for work and I don’t have pay stubs yet? We will accept a signed and dated offer letter from your future employer that shows your start date and rate of pay. You can upload this on your application in place of where it asks for a pay stub and we will need to verify the letters validity.

I have my own business and I don’t have pay stubs? Just provide us your recent personal tax return/W2 or your 3 most recent personal and business bank statements (full PDF) with your income deposits highlighted. You can upload these on the application field where it asks for the pay stubs or submit them to info@sunnon.com

Do I need to upload pay stubs for everyone in the household? No, you just need to upload your pay stubs that can prove the income you stated on your application and it needs to show that you make at  least three times the rental amount.